Can I get you Hott SEXTING?

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{Cannot confirm or deny who these sexts belong to Try it now (719) 629 – SEXT }

Can I get you Hott Sexting? Would this turn you on? Would this make you anticipate our next encounter even more? SEXTING!!! It’s fun, exciting, imaginative, sexy and quite NASTY. If you’ve never Sext with your mate, future mate, potential mate then you’re probably missing out on a helluva lot of fun.

As usually, on twitter the other night the subject of Sexting came up and I was quite surprised when many women said they don’t sext or even know how to. Some women said they felt silly or awkward sexting. Pretty much all the men said they love it or would enjoy sexual messages from females. Only one male said “let’s bypass all the sext talk and get to it”, (he’s what you’d call a fun sucker). This was even more surprising because there is an assortment of sexually explicit tweets that come across my timeline constantly. Either way, it appears a Sexting lesson or tutorial is needed to spice up and change the monotony of some relationships.


Sexting the act of sending sexually explicit messages or photographs, primarily between mobile phones, using e-mail and other forms of communication is considered the same. Sex Texting = Sexting

Back in the day, Dirty, Nasty (sexually explicit language) talking is something that was more known for men with “women” being the prissy, ladylike, innocent ones who would not dare say such thing. Only…

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