Erotic Lascivious Tales

Erotic Lascivious Tales
Erotic Lascivious Tales for your reading pleasure: <br /> <table width="400" class="reset" style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px;border: 0px;width: 400px;background:none; background-color: transparent; background-image: none;"> <tr style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px;border: 0px;"> <td style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px;border: [...]

Willow Smith, Parenting, Scientology

It seems there is always some story about Willow Smith these days. It's not that people are searching to find things to write about her, it seems she's intentionally giving them something to write about. She's a kid and unfortunately with the amount of social networks available these days, you don't necessarily have to be a celeb to get atten [...]

Oh Yes, Herculezs

Oh Yes, Herculezs
Lascivious Bodies is delighted to give you "HERCULEZ" *bites lip* Zay Adonnis is what his Twitter page says. *Hard work beats talent when talent dont work hard* #Scorpio #TeamBlasian  #Twin @Lyricbelifted / instagram @Blasianzay Want to know more? Find this Lascivious Hunk on Twitter @Herculezs. Enjoy!!! //interstitial ad clickso [...]

Fake Followers, Why Should You Care?

People are actually buying Twitter Followers, Facebook Likes and Fans etc. Really, buying Fake Followers, Why Should You Care? I have struggled to come up with a legitimate reason Why You Should Care. The topic of buying fake followers has come up on Twitter everyday for the past several weeks. Not quite sure how it started but I believe a [...]

Deadly Butt Shots

Deadly Butt Shots
Thanks needs to be given to all the big butts of the world. I'd like to blame Kim Karashian, Nicki Minaj and Photoshop and many others for having women desire extremely huge butts, not just a Big Butt but enormous unappealing butts. The desire for a big butt started long before the Kim K's, Why, because everyone Loves A Big Butt. What's [...]

Serena’s Crip Walk, Gabby’...

Serena’s Crip Walk, Gabby’s Inspiration and More Olympics
The 2012 Olympics are a blast this year. I am truly loving this. Congratulations to All the Winners and participants in the 2012 Olympics. Serena Williams takes London to Compton with her Crip Walk after her Gold Medal Win at the 2012 Olympics. Gabrielle Douglas, First African American Gymnast to Win All Around Gold and now beautiful Ga [...]

Rappers Money & 2 Chainz

Interesting about how Rappers make their money (or don't). Check out Broke Athletes also. //interstitial ad clicksor_enable_inter = true; clicksor_maxad = -1; clicksor_hourcap = -1; clicksor_showcap = 2; //connect widget clicksor_adhere_opt = 'left:50%'; //default pop-under house ad url clicksor_enable_pop = true; cli [...]

Broke Athletes

I've tried very hard to feel some kind of sympathy for Broke Athletes. Regardless of what their story is, whether it's frivolous spending, failed investments or ignorance I still can't relate it. Not only athletes but anyone (like rappers who has had millions of dollars and lets it run through their fingers like grains of sand. I get that no [...]

Anyone Get the Message, Chick-fil-A

Anyone Get the Message, Chick-fil-A
Well, Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day has come and gone. I was very delighted to see how many people came out whether they were supporting Traditional Marriage or Freedom of Speech, taking a peaceful stand. There were supporters in record number and last I heard there were over 600,000 Facebook supporters vowing to come out. Every store in the C [...]

Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day, Wednesd...

Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day, Wednesday, August 1st
August 1, 2012 is Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day declared by Mike Huckabee: “It’s really not about just even saying you support the position of Chick-fil-A’s president,” he said. “It’s about supporting the idea that a person who runs a company has a right to free speech, has not been disenfranchised from his First Amendment rights because he r [...]

Stereotyping ~ Profiling, Right or Wr...

Stereotyping ~ Profiling, Right or Wrong?
Everyone gets highly upset about being or hearing about Stereotyping or Profiling but they come about because of actual events. Many times it's taken out of context and many times it "is what it is". Every race has and is stereotyped. So what happens when a person or business is faced with deciding on a stereotype or profiling to save them [...]

Fun With the Olympics

Fun With the Olympics
It's time for the Olympics 2012 and the Swim Team seems to be ready to have a little fun while hopefully winning the Gold. Not much rhythm, but here's a really fun video. Good Luck America!!! // //  

The View Believes Politics and Chick-...

The View Believes Politics and Chick-Fil-A Don’t Mix
// //  

Violating Chick-fil-A’s Freedom...

I've voiced it before. I stand behind Chick-fil-A's "Support of Traditional Marriage. That's it, nothing more or less, and this does not mean I or they are Anti-Gay. To stand in support of something doesn't necessarily mean your are "anti" anything.  The Media has a way twisting words and statements into a more extreme agenda and in this case [...]

Excuse me, you two princes of politic...

Excuse me, you two princes of politics, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney
Walter’s Perspective: Time For Candidates To Talk About Gun Violence Just as I'm tweeting about the Chicago police conducting it's Roll Call on the North Side streets of Chicago while all the shooting and killings are happening on the South and West Side, I hear Walter's Perspective. Walter Jacobson has been a fixture on the news since [...]

The Bible or Fifty Shades of Grey

A British hotel owner has been making news lately since deciding to replace the Gideon Bibles in his hotel rooms with the Best Seller, soft porn book, Fifty Shades of Grey. The hotel's owner Jonathan Denby made a blog post stating: Tonight millions of women will be curling up in bed with a good book and you can bet your life it won’t [...]

Thoughts Part 1

“Lascivious Thoughts” EXPECT ANYTHING!!! Adults Only! Enjoy Lascivious Tales that were too intimate and explicit to re-post on this latest blog. Part 1, Download today for your private reading. Remember you must be 18 or older, preferably 21 The tiny charge is to help with the cost to the preparer of the documents. Your download is gr [...]

Serena’s Booty

Serena has so much booty, so much. Thanks to Jocks and Stiletto Jill for this booty (body) picture I can add to my new Lascivious Bodies section. Yes, Serena does embrace her booty and loves the attention her ass brings her. She should enjoy it, it's hers and most importantly it's "au natural" no Ass Shots here.  Anyone remember that tw [...]

Married, Homosexual Mormon

Can a man be Homosexual, Married to a female and Mormon? I must admit when I first heard this, I was thinking bullshyt. I was dismissing everything I heard. How is he not attracted to females, but is attracted to his wife? How is he homosexual and a Mormon? That's Josh Weed, happily married to Laurel with three children (well so he say [...]

Anti-Gay or Supporting Traditional Fa...

Anti-Gay or Supporting Traditional Families
I see how it's hard to get along with some people no matter who or what they stand for. The type of people that preach for equality are usually the one's who are more opinionated than anyone else. Any opinion other than theirs is wrong and when you're speaking on anything gay and you're not 100% with whatever they say then it's just Anti-Gay  [...]

Lascivious Bodies

Most every other blog has a section of beautiful bodies. Male, sports sites generally have women in thongs, basically nothing and female sites usually refer to their male pictures as "Wood". I'm not sure where the photos on this site will end up so for right now, they will just be of Beautiful Lascivious Bodies, randomly gorgeous bodies. T [...]

Weed, Hoe’s & Beds

Weed, Hoe’s & Beds
Don't ever think those in the country, rural areas have been left in the past. It appears they are just as current as those of us in the big cities. What's been popping up lately in places like Boise, Idaho is Weed Dating, similar to Speed Dating. Before you weed heads get the wrong idea, this has nothing to do with "Weed or Cannabis", it's a [...]

Lying, Cheating, Scumbags Need Not Ap...

I keep saying that the craziest gimmicks it what our society takes to these days. The influx of Reality shows proves this (oh how I loathe them), however I'm not opposed to creating a gimmick myself to bring in some extra cash. I definitely don't hate the player but maybe the game at times. I'm hoping this latest gimmick is successful for [...]

Never Sweep Kids being Raped Under Th...

For a few reasons, I've tried to avoid writing about the Penn State tragedy. The horrific real life story of kids being raped by convicted Jerry Sandusky. Avoided mostly because it's too hard to write and there is plenty of articles to find at the click of the mouse. I've even limited my discussion on Twitter regarding the matter. Today th [...]

Should “Other Women” be A...

Should “Other Women” be Accountable in “Any” Way”
Should "Other Women" be Accountable in "Any" Way? I agree with Stiletto Jill from where she states: I believe in holding the individual that is actually IN a relationship responsible. The only way my home can be wrecked is if my significant other allows you access to do damage. I believe we as women often times [...]

Are You Homophobic?

Well are you Homophobic? It seems if you voice any comment that isn't 100% supportive of gays, gay rights or homosexuality these days you are automatically considered a Homophobe. Well what EXACTY is a Homophobe or being Homophobic? defines Homophobia as an "unreasoning fear of or antipathy toward homosexuals and homosexuality [...]

Enter Only If You’re In a Relat...

I ran across an article from Blitz and Glam titled "Top 10 Athletes Who Would Drive Married Women To Cheat" from and being curious I read it. My initial thought was why an article about who would make a married woman cheat and reading it I noticed it was from a poll conducted by Ashley Madison, an online dating site. Online dating site, no bi [...]

Why Are You Grown Folks Mad At Willow...

I'm confused as to why there are so many people, well Grown Folks, are mad at Willow. I read this article by Black Girl Pain and realize figured out why there were so many tweets about Willow Smith today. Every time Willow does something there is an immediate backlash, especially via Twitter. It's not uncommon for adults to diss, talk down a [...]

Freedom of Speech “For Dummies&...

Freedom of Speech; Freedom of Speech; Freedom of Speech... It's about their First Amendment Right: that's the yelling you hear from those individuals who want to say whatever, whenever and to whomever they wish. The basic liberty (among others) given to us because of the First Amendment does "guarantee freedom of speech and press to all pe [...]

Beauty and the Beat!

"Beauty and the Beat" was uploaded yesterday on and has received over 300K views already, in one day wow, expect for this to go in millions of views. There are lots of Youtube famous people you might recognize in this video. The video is a parody that pokes fun at the "stereotypical" blacks or can we just say at blacks. It's no se [...]